In September 2018, the European Commission bestowed upon us the prestigious label of 'HR Excellence in Research'.

The achievement of the seal is accomplished through the implementation of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R), which comprises of various phases:

  • I Initial Phase (January 2017)
    Letter of Adhesion: Adherence to the Charter & Code and notification of commitment.
  • II Implementation Phase (March-June 2017)
    GAP Analysis: Identifies gaps in current practices and/or policies.
    Action Plan: Lists the actions to be carried out to successfully overcome the deficiencies detected in the GAP Analysis (updated May 2018)
    Report Action plan for Steering Committee and IWG (july 2019)
    Internal review HRS4R (september 2020)
  • III Initial Evaluation Phase for the European Commission (September 2018)
  • IV Provisional Evaluation Phase (2 years)
  • V Recognition Renewal Phase (5 years after obtaining the seal)
  • VI Continual improvement phase

Learn about the 'HR Excellence in Research' seal from the hand of the Director of the People and Values Area and some of the researchers participating in the working groups. Access the video through the intranet.

To oversee the implementation of this strategy, we have established the Steering Committee, comprised of members of the Management team, and the Implementation Working Group. The latter aims to report on the implementation of the HRS4R Action Plan as established and monitor the plan's progress.

Members of Implementation Working Group

  • Cecilia Jiménez
  • Cinzia Lavarino
  • Fátima Núñez
  • Susana Ochoa
  • Antoni Serrano
  • Ángel Montero
  • Pedro Brotons
  • Beatriz Olaya
  • María Rubio
  • M. Elena Huerta
  • Christian Stephan-Otto
  • Anna Butjosa Molines
  • Raquel López Carrilero
  • Juan Darío Ortigoza Escobar
  • Clara Goula
  • Roser Arnalte
  • Maite López
  • Leonor Norton
  • Susana Martínez 
  • Alba Sánchez Viñas
  • María Velasco
  • Georgia Sarquella

Working Groups

We have established various Working Groups within our institution and have developed a series of procedures related to different points of the action plan structured according to the 4 blocks of the Charter & Code.

The side menu of this page lets you browse the specifics of the commissions and the related documents, arranged according to the four blocks of the Charter & Code, for this action plan.