For the transfer of samples, the principal investigator must request samples and attach a copy of the certificate of approval of the ethics committee of his centre

Each assignment is evaluated by the ethics and science committees outside the Paediatric Biobank for Research. This ensures that the samples are yielded to research projects that meet ethical and scientific quality requirements

Application for samples

External researchers at the centre

To request the samples, you must download the Samples request form (in Spanish) and, after filling in all its fields, resend by email to biobanc(ELIMINAR), together with a summary of the research project and the favourable report of the Research Ethics Committee of the institution to which the researcher belongs.

Internal researchers

Requests for samples for projects already approved by the CEIM of the Sant Joan de Déu Foundation can use the simplified form, attaching the CEIM approval reference number. Once all the fields are filled in, the form must be sent by email to biobanc(ELIMINAR)

Evaluation of applications

Once all the documentation is received, it will be evaluated by the ethics and scientific committees and by the scientific director of the biobank. The biobank will then contact the person in charge of the application to inform them of the resolution and to prepare the sending of the samples.