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As nurses, our underlying raison d'être is the care of our patients and their families. We have a responsibility to provide the best possible care, in other words, to foster an evidence-based approach to our practice and generate knowledge that will help improve people's health.

We challenge our own practice and, based on scientific methods, conduct our research to be able to offer solutions with the aim of improving the health of the users of our institutions, and their families. Patient care research not only impacts the well-being of our patients and their families, their future, their environment and their quality of life, but it also contributes to the body of knowledge, as well as having an impact on healthcare costs.

Research lines

  1. Safety: focusing on maximising the safety of patients and their families. Principal investigators: Concepció Agustin and Carmen Jerez.
  2. Chronicity: aimed at empowering patients with chronic diseases and their families, promoting self-care by acquiring specific skills that allow patients to manage their health problems and improve their biological, emotional, functional, spiritual and social well-being, in short, their quality of life. Principal investigators: Gemma Pérez and Silvia Cipres.
  3. Patient and family experience: focusing on knowing and evaluating the patient and family experience as a powerful tool to identify opportunities for improvement in the care process, which are relevant to both patients and their carers. Principal investigators: Laura Lahuerta, M. Dolors Navarro and Emma Gómez.
  4. Digital technology: focusing on improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare processes through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and robotics. Principal investigators: Jordi Mitja and Encarna Gómez.

Scientific objectives

  1. To develop a patient care research strategy to foster and coordinate translational interdisciplinary research in nursing.
  2. To promote evidence-based practice in order to improve the quality of care, making it safer and to offer better healthcare and assistance to patients/families as they pass through our institutions.
  3. To create a clinical practice environment in which nurses can apply scientific evidence to improve the delivery of care and the outcomes of their professional activity.
  4. To generate knowledge in patient care through innovation and the creation of different initiatives to improve the quality of life of the patients/families we care for.
  5. To develop guidelines for good practice in nursing research, protocols and patents.

Area/Field of expertise

The research carried out by our group falls within the framework of providing the best care possible for our patients and their families. Our goal is to offer the best possible personalised, holistic and comprehensive care, based on scientific evidence, to allow patients to return to normal life as soon as possible, facilitating their empowerment, improving their quality of life and their experience as they pass through our institution. Research is a key tool in generating knowledge and innovation in patient care and one of the fundamental pillars for the development of Nursing as a discipline in healthcare.

The group includes expert nurses and leaders in different areas who provide a holistic approach to the issues raised by research in patient care. We conduct our own research and also collaborate with other institutions and disciplines knowing that sharing experiences and knowledge is the best guarantee of success.

The Nursing Department of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital has a patient care research plan in action. The research is centralised at the Nursing Development Unit and led by a research nurse, who liaises with a research committee made up of the leaders of each research line, and who meet every two months. We also work with the Research and Teaching Department and university professionals to add to the knowledge base and create professional synergies.

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Project name:
Seroprevalencia de la infección por SARS-COV-2 en los empleados del hospital matenor-infantil Sant Joan de Déu
Laura Lahuerta Valls
Funding entities:
Fundació Infermeria i Societat
Starting - finishing date:
2021 - 2021
Project name:
Anàlisi de l'espiritualitat, religiositat o filosofia de vida dels pares i mares d'infants amb necessitats pal·liatives a Catalunya
Mª Dolors Navarro Rubio
Funding entities:
Agaur - Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca
Starting - finishing date:
2019 - 2021
Project name:
Sol·licitud de subvencions per a la intensificació de professionals d'infermeria, llevadoria, fisioteràpia, dietètica i nutrició, òptica i optometria, podologia i protètica dental en l'àmbit de la recerca i la innovació en salut
Encarna Gómez Gamboa
Funding entities:
Departament de Salut - Generalitat de Catalunya
Starting - finishing date:
2019 - 2020
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  • La experiencia de los padres una vez se les ha informado que sus hijos, nacidos en México, tienen diagnóstico de síndrome de Down
  • Relationship between eating and sleeping pattern in people with ASD in comparison with ADHD and healthy controls.
  • Canvi en el model d'atenció d'una unitat assistencial per a famílies amb fills amb malaltia crònica greu, en situació d'alta complexitat i necessitats pal·liatives a través de la transformació digital
    Peñarrubia San Florencio, Lucía
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