Silvia Ciprés Roig

Silvia Ciprés Roig


Research group

Nursing research

Researcher Silvia Ciprés Roig graduated in Nursing in 2005 from the University of Barcelona and obtained a Postgraduate degree in Pediatric Nursing in the hospital environment in 2006 and a degree in Pediatric Nursing in Primary Care in 2007, both from the Blanquerna Foundation, Ramon Llull University of Barcelona.

In 2012, she completed a Postgraduate degree in Health Cooperation and Medical Geography at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In 2015, she obtained a Master's in Palliative Care and Attention through the University of Vic, the University of Barcelona, and the Catalan Institute of Oncology.

Subsequently, in 2016, she participated in the Institute of Emotional Ecology, Ambit Foundation's specialisation program in Accompaniment in Loss and End-of-Life Processes. In 2018, she completed her University Master's degree in Advanced Nursing Practice at the University of Barcelona. In 2023, she received the certification of Advanced Practice Nurse in Palliative Care and Complex Pediatric Patient at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona.

In addition, she has been a member of the Palliative Care Group of the College of Nursing of Barcelona since 2021, the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Palliative Care (PEDPAL) since 2020, and the Nursing Research Committee of SJD since 2019.

Last Publications

  • Ciprés-Roig S and Cristina Gutiérrez Rada Factores relacionados con el lugar de fallecimiento en cuidados paliativos pediátricos Ene . 14(3): 14310.
  • Ricart S and Ciprés-Roig S Malalties cròniques complexes en pediatria: de què estem parlant? Pediatría Catalana . : 12-15.
  • Navarro S, Ciprés-Roig S, Claramonte-Fuster MA, Toro D and Valsells O Unidad de Cuidados Paliativos pediátricos del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Revista Española de Pediatría . 73(5): 320-322.
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