Rosa Maria Carmona Jiménez


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Patient experience

Rosa M. Carmona Jiménez graduated in Nursing in 2004 from the University of Barcelona. In 2005, she completed a postgraduate degree in Oncology Nursing, and in 2007, a postgraduate self-training course for nursing graduates, both from the University of Barcelona. In 2016, she obtained accreditation as a Pediatric Specialist Nurse (via exceptional pathway), and in 2017, she completed a master's degree in Leadership and Nursing Management.

She is currently pursuing doctoral studies in Comprehensive Health Care and Services at the University of Lleida and has undertaken a training stay at the Carlos III Health Institute (Investén) during her doctorate.

In 2004, she joined the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital as an assistant nurse. In 2017, she began her management career as the assistant nurse coordinator of the day hospital and outpatient area. She is currently the assistant nurse coordinator of the Day Hospital at the Pediatric Cancer Centre Barcelona SJD. Additionally, she is the promoter of the emerging research group in nursing care in pediatric oncology.

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