1. Supplementing the maternal diet with betaine during lactation may reduce the risk of childhood obesity

    Decreased levels of betaine in breast milk are associated with accelerated growth in babies during the first few months of life, a risk factor for childhood obesity. Study led by a research team from the Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu and SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital, published in the scientific journal Science Translational Medicine.

  2. The conditions of 70% of people with chronic pain have worsened during the pandemic

    Juan Vicente Luciano and Albert Feliu, Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu, participate in a study that has analysed the factors that can negatively influence people with pain.

  3. Sant Joan de Déu participates in the new Barcelona Medical Photonics Network

    Eight prominent health institutions in the Barcelona area, their research institutes and ICFO join forces through the creation of a network to bring cutting-edge photonic technologies to hospitals.

  4. A study analyses the risk genetic factors shared between ADHD and disruptive behaviour disorders

    People with attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) combined with disruptive behaviour disorders (DBDs) share about the 80% of genetic variants associated with aggressive and antisocial behaviours, this is one of the conclusions of a study published in the journal Nature Communications.

  5. This study identifies new functions in the gene that causes Machado-Joseph disease

    The study, published in the journal Cell Reports, is led by Gemma Marfany, Human Molecular Genetics II · IRSJD, researcher at the Institute of Biomedicine of the UB (IBUB) and the CIBERER.

  6. A world-first treatment based on an oncolytic virus allows a child to overcome retinal cancer

    The treatment, developed by researchers at Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu, SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital and the biotechnology company VCN Biosciences has succeeded in preventing the child from going completely blind.

  7. Sant Joan de Déu Research Institute recognized as CERCA center

    The Sant Joan de Déu Research Institute (IRSJD) has been recognized by the board of trustees of the Institution for Research Centers in Catalonia (CERCA) as a CERCA centre.

  8. IRSJD collaborates in the new biomedical proteomics unit led by IRB Barcelona

    The Institute of Research in Biomedicine, together with the Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu, Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute, Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology and the University of Barcelona, receives ERDF support to acquire cutting-edge technology in the field of proteomics.

  9. Researchers find new transposon-derived genes related to autism and other neurological diseases

    Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu researchers collaborate in this study led by Professor Jordi Garcia Fernàndez, from the Faculty of Biology and the Institute of Biomedicine of the University of Barcelona (IBUB).