Share4Rare and CIBERER join forces for rare diseases research

Share4Rare and the Spanish Network in Rare Disease Research (CIBERER) will collaborate to locate patients to promote clinical research initiatives.

CIBERER and Share4Rare have established a collaboration agreement to boost rare disease research. Share4Rare is a secure digital platform open to patients and caregivers from all over the world, Share4Rare enables the development of research projects on rare diseases, incorporating the patient's perspective through the donation of data at a global level, which makes it a handy tool for the researchers of this Spanish research network.

In this context, Share4Rare will help CIBERER to recruit patients, both nationally and internationally, and to promote their participation in the research projects carried out in each unit of the centre. At the beginning of April, a webinar was held to present different ways of collaboration to recruit patients and how they will incorporate their perspectives into the CIBERER projects. 

CIBERER research staff can ask Share4Rare for support in its website form. On the other hand, Share4Rare will make calls within the platform and through social networks to connect families and patients and allow them to participate in the projects launched by CIBERER.

About Share4Rare

Share4Rare is a European project which aims to improve the quality of life of those affected by a rare disease. By working together, we can build a community to transform rare diseases into known diseases by advancing research and sharing knowledge.


Share4Rare and CIBERER join forces to identify patients with rare diseases. Share4Rare.