1. Joaquin Bonal Award for best oral communication

  2. The company Style Maresme collaborates wth childhood cancer research

  3. Publications of the research groups: september 2011

  4. Research Foundation Sant Joan de Déu. Institutional video

  5. Researchers of the Foundation published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

    Researchers who have participated, among others, in drafting the article together with the research group coordinator Judith Usall of the research group Pathogenesis and treatment of severe mental disorders: Susana Ochoa, Elena Huerta-Ramos, Raquel Iniesta, Jesús Cobo, Susana Araya, Mercedes Roca, Antoni Serrano Blanco, and Fernando Teba.

  6. Resarch group publications: july-august 2011

    With the aim of bringing research results to the scientific community and the general public, we present the latest research groups publications of the centers of Sant Joan de Deu, in July and August.

  7. Institutional video of the Foundation

    Institutional video of Sant Joan de Deu Foundation has developed jointly with the Social Work Sant Joan de Deu.

  8. Research groups publications (october)