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    Apremilast Microemulsion as Topical Therapy for Local Inflammation: Design, Characterization and Efficacy Evaluation

    Pharmaceuticals . 13(12): . Number of citations: 10


  • Díaz-Garrido N, Bonnin S, Riera M, Gíménez R, Badia J and Baldoma L.

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    Membrane vesicles from the probiotic Nissle 1917 and gut resident Escherichia coli strains distinctly modulate human dendritic cells and subsequent T cell responses

    JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS . 61: . Number of citations: 29


  • Alvarez CS, Gimenez R, Canas MA, Vera R, Díaz-Garrido N, Badia-Palacin J and Baldoma L.

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