Environment Effects on Child/Adolescent Well-being

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The aim of the research by this group is to expand our knowledge on how the environment (climate, air, sound and light pollution, etc.), the physical surroundings (school, nursery school, hospital, rural, urban, etc.) or social aspects (immigration, travel, adoption, separation, etc.) affect children to enable us to develop preventive strategies to counteract their negative impact.

It also seeks to improve how children and their families interact with the healthcare environment, by providing quality medical care and greater patient satisfaction, and promoting safety in healthcare, with special attention to children with special needs.

Research lines

  1. Epidemiology and clinical factors of unintentional injuries in children.
  2. Child abuse, with special attention on victims of child sexual abuse.
  3. Early detection and secondary prevention of adolescence social/health problems: drugs, sexuality and violence.
  4. Patient experience, aimed at improving paediatric patient care (presence of parents, analgesia, age-differentiated care, etc.).
  5. Patient safety.
  6. Chronic illness and palliative care.

Scientific objectives

  1. To develop strategies to improve the quality of out-of-hospital care for poisoned patients and appropriate antidote-use in paediatrics.
  2. To define health factors indicative of abuse and/or sexual abuse.
  3. To evaluate the quality of life and health status of patients with complex chronic illnesses and determine clinical factors predictive of poor prognosis.
  4. To develop a risk MAP for Paediatric Emergencies, implement the IDEAS methodology and monitor the intra-department patient transfer process.
  5. To incorporate different Information and Communication Technologies to improve healthcare circuits.

Area/Field of expertise

The group brings together initiatives from professionals working in Emergency, Hospital Admissions, Social Paediatrics and in the care of patients with complex chronic illnesses or in palliative care. It also includes professionals who focus on patient safety and on evaluating and enhancing the patient's experience while in hospital. The research carried out by these professionals is primarily clinically focused, addressing the most prevalent health problems. The impact on children's health is therefore significant.

Over the past few years, we have centred on curbing radiation exposure in children with head injuries by developing algorithms to avoid unnecessary aggressive scanning. We have also collaborated with other research teams to define quality indicators for the management of poisoned patients in the out-of-hospital setting and have led efforts to produce guidelines on the prevention of medication errors in Paediatric Emergencies. Regarding our work on patient experience, we have examined how we could improve the comfort and conditions for patients during their time in our Paediatric Emergency service.

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Project name:
AICCELERATE_AI Accelerator – A Smart Hospital Care Pathway Engine
Arnau Valls Esteve, Sergi Navarro Vilarrubi, Joan Sánchez de Toledo
Funding entities:
European Commission
Starting - finishing date:
2021 - 2024
Project name:
Estudio prospectivo observacional sobre la hidratación y nutrición en pacientes pediátricos con enfermedad avanzada
Sergi Navarro Vilarrubi
Funding entities:
Sociedad Española de cuidados paliativos pediátricos (PEDPAL)
Starting - finishing date:
2019 - 2021
Project name:
PATRICIA - Tratamiento del dolor y la ansiedad basado en la interacción de robots sociales con niños para mejorar la experiencia del paciente
Carles Luaces Cubells
Funding entities:
Ministerio de Economía Y Competitividad (MINECO)
Starting - finishing date:
2013 - 2016
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