Mar Alvarez Segura

Mar Alvarez Segura


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Witnesses of domestic violence

The researcher Mar Álvarez graduated in Medicine in 1999 from the Central University of Barcelona. She completed a psychiatry residency at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid. She obtained the Master "Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery organized by "The Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma. Massachusetts General Hospital" and the "Institut Superiore di Sanità of the Italian Ministry of Health (November 2006 - May 2007).

She has a Diploma in "Research Methodology: Design and Statistics in Health Sciences" from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2007-2009). And she completed an Advanced Training and Research Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology Psychiatry from 2009-2012, at Bellevue Hospital Center, New York University.

Since 2014 she is a full professor at the CEU Abat Oliba University, for the subject of Personality Psychology and professor of the master's degree in Neuropsychiatry and Psychology of Children and Adolescents. Module: Reactions in childhood trauma. Autonomous University of Barcelona (2019-2021).

She is also coordinator of the European project SAVE: Support and Treatment of traumatized children after violence, funded by the European Union's Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program 2019-2022.

She is currently part of the TEVI group for attention to witnesses of domestic violence where she studies the impact of violence and how to apply specific therapies for complex trauma.

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