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  • Muixí A, Zlotnik S, Calvet P, Español-pons M, Lodoso-Torrecilla I, Ginebra MP, Díez P and García-González A.

    A multiparametric advection-diffusion reduced-order model for molecular transport in scaffolds for osteoinduction.

    BIOMECH MODEL MECHAN . 21(4): 1099-1115.


  • Solé-Martí X, Vilella T, Labay C, Tampieri F, Ginebra MP and Canal-Barnils C.

    Thermosensitive hydrogels to deliver reactive species generated by cold atmospheric plasma: a case study with methylcellulose.

    BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE . 10(14): 3845-3855.


  • Raymond-Llorens Y, Lehmann C, Thorel E, Benítez R, Riveiro A, Pou J, Manzanares MC, Franch J, Canal-Barnils C and Ginebra MP.

    3D printing with star-shaped strands: A new approach to enhance in vivo bone regeneration

    Biomaterials advances . 137: 212807.


  • González-Navarro EA, Español-pons M, Egri N, Castellà M, Calderón H, España C, Guijarro C, Heredia L, Pascal-Capdevila R and Juan Otero M.

    What will (and should) be improved in CAR immunotherapy?

    INT REV CEL MOL BIO . 370: 149-161.


  • Schieber R, Mas C, Lasserre F, Roa JJ, Ginebra MP, Mücklich F and Pegueroles M.

    Effectiveness of Direct Laser Interference Patterning and Peptide Immobilization on Endothelial Cell Migration for Cardio-Vascular Applications: An In Vitro Study.

    NANOMATERIALS-BASEL . 12(7): 1217.


  • Tampieri, F, Araguz, AG and Canal-Barnils C.

    Can we remove tattoos with non-thermal atmospheric plasma?



  • Rappe KS, Ortiz Hernández M, Punset M, Molmeneu M, Barba A, Mas C, Guillem J, Caparrós C, Rupérez E, Calero J, Manzanares MC, Gil J and Franch J.

    On-Growth and In-Growth Osseointegration Enhancement in PM Porous Ti-Scaffolds by Two Different Bioactivation Strategies: Alkali Thermochemical Treatment and RGD Peptide Coating.

    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES . 23(3): . Number of citations: 1


  • Cruz, N, Gil, J, Punset M, Manero, JM, Tondela, JP, Verdeguer, P, Aparicio, C and Ruperez, E.

    Relevant Aspects of Piranha Passivation in Ti6Al4V Alloy Dental Meshes

    Coatings . 12(2): . Number of citations: 3


  • Verdeguer P, Gil J, Punset M, Manero JM, Nart J, Vilarrasa J and Rupérez E.

    Citric Acid in the Passivation of Titanium Dental Implants: Corrosion Resistance and Bactericide Behavior.

    Materials . 15(2): . Number of citations: 1


  • Oliver-Cervelló Ll, Martin-Gómez H and Mas C.

    New trends in the development of multifunctional peptides to functionalize biomaterials.

    JOURNAL OF PEPTIDE SCIENCE . 28(1): . Number of citations: 10