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  • Quiles MT, Rodríguez-Contreras A, Guillem J, Punset M, Sánchez-Soto M, López-Cano M, Sabadell J, Velasco J, Armengol M, Manero JM and Arbós MA.

    Effect of Functionalization of Texturized Polypropylene Surface by Silanization and HBII-RGD Attachment on Response of Primary Abdominal and Vaginal Fibroblasts.

    Polymers . 16(5): .


  • Gómez SG, Guillem J, Martín-Gómez H, Mas C, Ginebra MP, Gil-Mur FX, Barraquer RI and Manero JM.

    Titanium Boston keratoprosthesis with corneal cell adhesive and bactericidal dual coating

    Biomaterials advances . 154: 213654-213654.


  • Heras-Parets A, Ginebra MP, Manero JM and Guillem J.

    Guiding Fibroblast Activation Using an RGD-Mutated Heparin Binding II Fragment of Fibronectin for Gingival Titanium Integration.

    ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS . 12(21): . Number of citations: 4


  • Guillem J, Vidal E, Girotti A, Heras-Parets A, Torres Garrido, Diego, Arias FJ, Ginebra MP, Rodriguez-Cabello JC and Manero JM.

    Functionalization of 3D-Printed Titanium Scaffolds with Elastin-like Recombinamers to Improve Cell Colonization and Osteoinduction.

    Pharmaceutics . 15(3): . Number of citations: 1


  • Bernaus, M, Guillem J, Bermudez-Castel, A, Calero, JA, Torres, D, Veloso, M and Font-Vizcarra, L.

    Reducing bacterial adhesion to titanium surfaces using low intensity alternating electrical pulses

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  • Rappe KS, Ortiz Hernández M, Punset M, Molmeneu M, Barba A, Mas C, Guillem J, Caparrós C, Rupérez E, Calero J, Manzanares MC, Gil J and Franch J.

    On-Growth and In-Growth Osseointegration Enhancement in PM Porous Ti-Scaffolds by Two Different Bioactivation Strategies: Alkali Thermochemical Treatment and RGD Peptide Coating

    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES . 23(3): . Number of citations: 9


  • Boix-Lemonche G, Guillem J, Lekka M, D'Este F, Guida F, Manero JM and Skerlavaj B.

    Membrane perturbation, altered morphology and killing of Staphylococcus epidermidis upon contact with a cytocompatible peptide-based antibacterial surface.

    COLLOIDS AND SURFACES B-BIOINTERFACES . 203: 111745-111745. Number of citations: 5


  • Rodríguez-Contreras A, Torres D, Guillem J, Sereno P, Ginebra MP, Calero JA, Manero JM and Rupérez E.

    Development of novel dual-action coatings with osteoinductive and antibacterial properties for 3D-printed titanium implants

    SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY . 403: 126381. Number of citations: 18


  • Khurana K, Guillem J, Soldera F, Mücklich F, Canal C and Ginebra MP.

    Injectable calcium phosphate foams for the delivery of Pitavastatin as osteogenic and angiogenic agent.



  • Boix-Lemonde G, Guillem J, D'Este F, Manero JM and Skerlavaj B.

    Covalent grafting of titanium with a cathelicidin peptide produces an osteoblast compatible surface with antistaphylococcal activity

    COLLOIDS AND SURFACES B-BIOINTERFACES . 185: 110586-110586. Number of citations: 13