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  • Della Vecchia C, Viprey M, Haesebaert J, Termoz A, Giroudon C, Dima AL, Rode G, Préau M and Schott AM.

    Contextual determinants of participation after stroke: a systematic review of quantitative and qualitative studies.

    DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION . 43(13): 1786-1798. Number of citations: 27


  • Dima AL, Allemann SS, Dunbar-Jacob J, Hughes DA, Vrijens B and Wilson IB.

    TEOS: A framework for constructing operational definitions of medication adherence based on Timelines-Events-Objectives-Sources.

    BRITISH JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY . 87(6): 2521-2533. Number of citations: 23


  • Prajapati AR, Dima AL, Mosa G, Scott S, Song F, Wilson J and Bhattacharya D.

    Mapping modifiable determinants of medication adherence in bipolar disorder (BD) to the theoretical domains framework (TDF): a systematic review.

    PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE . 51(7): 1082-1098. Number of citations: 6


  • Perrin A, Abdalla G, Viprey M, Delahaye F, Mewton N, Ovize M, Sebbag L, Bochaton T, Dima AL, Bravant E, Schott AM and Haesebaert J.

    Prevalence of low health literacy levels in decompensated heart failure compared with acute myocardial infarction patients.

    ESC heart failure . 8(2): 1446-1459. Number of citations: 7


  • Perrin A, Siqueira do Prado L, Duché A, Schott AM, Dima AL and Haesebaert J.

    Using the Brief Health Literacy Screen in Chronic Care in French Hospital Settings: Content Validity of Patient and Healthcare Professional Reports.



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    Serum Detection of Nonadherence to Adjuvant Tamoxifen and Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk.

    JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY . 38(24): 2762-2772. Number of citations: 61


  • Viprey M, Xue Y, Rousseau A, Payet C, Chapurlat R, Caillet P, Dima AL and Schott AM.

    Adherence with brand versus generic bisphosphonates among osteoporosis patients: a new-user cohort study in the French National Healthcare Insurance database.

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS . 10(1): 7446-7446. Number of citations: 3


  • Siqueira do Prado L, Allemann S, Viprey M, Schott AM, Dediu D and Dima AL.

    Quantification and visualisation methods of data-driven chronic care delivery pathways: protocol for a systematic review and content analysis.

    BMJ Open . 10(3): . Number of citations: 1


  • Van Ganse E, Texier N, Dima AL, Belhassen M, Laforest L, Herbage S, Schuck S, Hernandez G, Garin O, Ferrer M, de Bruin M and ASTRO-LAB group.

    Effects of short- and long-acting beta-agonists on asthma exacerbations: a prospective cohort.

    ANNALS OF ALLERGY ASTHMA & IMMUNOLOGY . 124(3): 254-260. Number of citations: 12


  • Vervloet M, van Dijk L, Spreeuwenberg P, Price D, Chisholm A, Van Ganse E, Pinnock H, Rand CS, Eakin MN, Schermer T, Souverein PC, Dima AL and Respiratory Effectiveness Group's Adherence Working Group.

    The Relationship Between Real-World Inhaled Corticosteroid Adherence and Asthma Outcomes: A Multilevel Approach.

    JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY-IN PRACTICE . 8(2): 626-634. Number of citations: 14