Francesco Tampieri

Francesco Tampieri

Investigador post-doc

Francesco Tampieri obtained her bachelor and master degrees in chemistry at University of Padova (Italy) with a curriculum focused on physical chemistry and molecular spectroscopy. During the Ph.D. in Molecular Sciences he worked in the EPR Spectroscopy Group at the Dept. of Chemical Sciences, Universtiy of Padova, on a project focused on the study of paramagnetic defects in graphene-like materials by EPR spectroscopy methods.

From 2016 to 2019 he was postdoc researcher in the group of Organic Chemistry for the Environment and Health of the Dept. of Chemical Sciences, University of Padova. He worked on various projects dealing mostly with the application of non-thermal plasmas for water decontamination.

From 2019 he is senior postdoctoral researcher in the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Research Group (Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, UPC) on the ERC project APACHE - Atmospheric Pressure Plasma meets biomaterials for bone cancer healing (Supervisor: Dr. Cristina Canal).

The focus of her research is the study of the effects of atmospheric plasma sources designed for biomedical applications on liquids (water, culture media, biopolymer solutions, etc.). In particular, the development and adaptation of protocols for detection and quantification of plasma-produced species, the study of the influence of biopolymers (alginate, gelatin, etc.) on the production and stability of RONS and the oxidative effects of plasmas on biopolymers.

His expertise includes use of all major techniques for chemical and spectroscopic analyses (chromatography, MS spectrometry, optical and magnetic spectroscopy), RONS detection and quantification, chemical kinetics and computational modelling.

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