Vanessa Andrino Estrecha

Ayudante de investigación

Vanessa Andrino Estrecha graduated with an Official University Degree in Nursing in 1999. She also completed:

  • Postgraduate in Advanced Training in Nursing in 2000.
  • Master in Nursing Care for Children and Adolescents in 2008.
  • Level 2 (degree) of the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (MECES) in 2015.
  • Official Degree in Nursing Specialist in Pediatric Nursing in 2016.

During his professional life she has also taken specialization courses in areas of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit such as: Pediatric and neonatal non-invasive ventilation; critical care, pediatric rehabilitation, pediatric neurosurgery, hemodiafiltration, pediatric and neonatal CPR, pediatric and neonatal ECMO, pediatric trauma, vascular access safety and isolation measures, oxygen therapy and inhalation therapy, nursing care, integral of the pediatric critical patient, teamwork in the care of the serious patient. She also has a course in pediatric simulation instructors. Lying of tracks by means of ecoguide.

Teaching: Internships for undergraduate nursing, master's, postgraduate students ... Also in non-invasive ventilation and specific unit procedures.

She is also a collaborator in updating protocols at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital. And co-author of the poster: "Improving clinical practice: Training in pediatric non-invasive mechanical ventilation in postgraduate nursing training" and co-author of the creation of the "Weaning Protocol in Non-Invasive Ventilation guided by Nursing".