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  • Hernandez G, Dima AL, Pont À, Garin O, Martí-Pastor M, Alonso J, Van Ganse E, Laforest L, de Bruin M, Mayoral K, Ferrer M and ASTRO-LAB group.

    Impact of asthma on women and men: Comparison with the general population using the EQ-5D-5L questionnaire.

    PLoS One . 13(8): . Number of citations: 18


  • Colice G, Chisholm A, Dima AL, Reddel HK, Burden A, Martin RJ, Brusselle G, Popov TA, von Ziegenweidt J and Price DB.

    Performance of database-derived severe exacerbations and asthma control measures in asthma: responsiveness and predictive utility in a UK primary care database with linked questionnaire data.

    Pragmatic and observational research . 9: 29-42. Number of citations: 19


  • Dima AL.

    Scale validation in applied health research: tutorial for a 6-step R-based psychometrics protocol.

    Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine . 6(1): 136-161. Number of citations: 63


  • Dima AL, van Ganse E, Laforest L, Texier N, de Bruin M and The Astro-Lab Group.

    Measuring medication adherence in asthma: Development of a novel self-report tool.

    PSYCHOLOGY & HEALTH . 32(10): 1288-1307. Number of citations: 28


  • Costello RW, Dima AL, Ryan D, McIvor RA, Boycott K, Chisholm A, Price D and Blakey JD.

    Effective deployment of technology-supported management of chronic respiratory conditions: a call for stakeholder engagement.

    Pragmatic and observational research . 8: 119-128. Number of citations: 3


  • Smit ES, Dima AL, Immerzeel SAM, van den Putte B and Williams GC.

    The Virtual Care Climate Questionnaire: Development and Validation of a Questionnaire Measuring Perceived Support for Autonomy in a Virtual Care Setting.

    JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH . 19(5): . Number of citations: 12


  • Dima AL and Dediu D.

    Computation of adherence to medication and visualization of medication histories in R with AdhereR: Towards transparent and reproducible use of electronic healthcare data.

    PLoS One . 12(4): . Number of citations: 45


  • Diviani N, Dima AL and Schulz PJ.

    A Psychometric Analysis of the Italian Version of the eHealth Literacy Scale Using Item Response and Classical Test Theory Methods.

    JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH . 19(4): . Number of citations: 50


  • Souverein PC, Koster ES, Colice G, van Ganse E, Chisholm A, Price D, Dima AL and Respiratory Effectiveness Group's Adherence Working Group.

    Inhaled Corticosteroid Adherence Patterns in a Longitudinal Asthma Cohort.



  • Dima AL, de Bruin M, Van Ganse E and ASTRO-LAB group.

    Mapping the Asthma Care Process: Implications for Research and Practice.

    JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY-IN PRACTICE . 4(5): 868-876. Number of citations: 22