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  • Bussemakers C, van Dijk M, Dima AL and de Bruin M.

    How well do surveys on adherence to pandemic policies assess actual behaviour: Measurement properties of the Dutch COVID-19 adherence to prevention advice survey (CAPAS)

    SOCIAL SCIENCE & MEDICINE . 339: 116395-116395.


  • Mucherino S, Dima AL, Coscioni E, Vassallo MG, Orlando V and Menditto E.

    Longitudinal Trajectory Modeling to Assess Adherence to Sacubitril/Valsartan among Patients with Heart Failure

    Pharmaceutics . 15(11): .


  • Kardas, Przemyslaw, Aarnio, Emma, Agh, Tamas, van Boven, Job F. M., Dima AL, Ghiciuc, Cristina Mihaela, Kamberi, Fatjona, Petrova, Guenka Ivanova, Makovec, Urska Nabergoj, Treciokiene, Indre and ENABLE Collaboration.

    New terminology of medication adherence enabling and supporting activities: ENABLE terminology

    FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY . 14: . Number of citations: 1


  • Lizano-Barrantes, C, Garin, O, Dima AL, Mayoral, K, Pont, A, Ortiz, EM, Caballero-Rabasco, MA, Praena-Crespo, M, Valdesoiro-Navarrete, L, Guerra, MT, Bercedo-Sanz, A, Hernandez, G, Maroni, C, de Mir, I, Carrasco, MA, Ortega, M, Servan, A, Castillo, JA, Tato, E, Ferrer, M and Grp, AGA.

    Inhaler Technique Questionnaire (InTeQ) in pediatric patients with asthma

    WORLD JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS . 19(8): 798-804. Number of citations: 1


  • Dima AL, Allemann SS, Dunbar-Jacob J, Hughes DA, Vrijens B and Wilson IB.

    Methodological considerations on estimating medication adherence from self-report, electronic monitoring and electronic healthcare databases using the TEOS framework.

    BRITISH JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY . 89(7): 1918-1927. Number of citations: 10


  • Novais T, Fortini C, Dima AL, Schott AM, Viprey M and Schneider MP.

    Se former à l’entretien motivationnel pour mieux soutenir l’adhésion thérapeutique des patients

    Revue Medicale Suisse . 19(823): 777-781.


  • Kardas, P, Agh, T, Dima AL, Goetzinger, C, Potocnjak, I, Wettermark, B and van Boven, JFM.

    Half a Century of Fragmented Research on Deviations from Advised Therapies: Is This a Good Time to Call for Multidisciplinary Medication Adherence Research Centres of Excellence?

    Pharmaceutics . 15(3): . Number of citations: 3


  • Bhattacharya D, Brown TJ, Clark AB, Dima AL, Easthall C, Taylor N and Li Z.

    Validation of the Identification of Medication Adherence Barriers Questionnaire (IMAB-Q) ; a Behavioural Science-Underpinned Tool for Identifying Non-Adherence and Diagnosing an Individual's Barriers to Adherence



  • Viprey M, Mougeot F, Dima AL, Haesebaert J, Occelli P, Durieu I, Rouzé H, Reynaud Q and Touzet S.

    A Participatory Approach Involving Patients with Cystic Fibrosis and Healthcare Professionals for the Co-Design of an Adherence-Enhancing Intervention Toolkit



  • Papus M, Dima AL, Viprey M, Schott AM, Schneider MP and Novais T.

    Motivational interviewing to support medication adherence in adults with chronic conditions: Systematic review of randomized controlled trials.

    PATIENT EDUCATION AND COUNSELING . 105(11): 3186-3203. Number of citations: 3