The Institute


The Research Ombudsperson is an independent figure, duly qualified and of great personal integrity. Their task is to act as a mediator and counsellor in cases of conflict in the field of good scientific practices; they are appointed by the Governing Bodies.

The research Ombudsperson is available to all research staff for cases in which there is any suspicion of a possible breach of the principles of good scientific practice. The Ombudsperson ensures discretion regarding any information that indicates possible misconduct or professional conflict. Likewise, the Ombudsman's efforts are confidential, and they are not obliged to disclose this information to the various bodies of the institute.

The Ombudsperson oversees the general course of research and identifies problem areas that can lead to poor scientific conduct or professional conflicts.

The Ombudsperson works together with a permanent research ethics and integrity committee (CIR) that complements the actions of the Ombudsperson, providing them the support and reinforcement they require.

Our Ombudsperson is Dr Montserrat Esquerda. She is recognized as being an independent professional, duly qualified and of personal integrity and she is accessible to all IRSJD researchers in those cases in which there has been a possible violation of the principles of good scientific practice.

In cases of conflict or doubts regarding good scientific practice, the interested person may contact the Ombudsperson via email irsjd.ombudsperson(ELIMINAR)