Core Facilities

Biological Sample Processing and Molecular Analysis

Tubs d'assaig del Servei de processament i anàlisi molecular de mostres biològiques

Scientific-technical support service for molecular analysis and processing of biological samples offers support in the following tasks:

Design and support for research projects with biological samples

  • Support in the design of research projects with biological samples.
  • Technical and logistical support for the development of research projects or clinical trials.

Processing of biological samples

  • Isolation of mononuclear cells from peripheral blood for extraction of protein or RNA.
  • Isolation and aliquots of plasma or serum.
  • Aliquots of whole blood.
  • Protein extraction (mononuclear cells from peripheral blood and tissue).
  • Extraction of RNA (mononuclear cells from peripheral blood and tissue).
  • Extraction of genomic DNA (peripheral blood and tissue).
  • Protein quantification.
  • DNA and RNA quantification and quality control.

Molecular analysis of biological samples:

  • Analysis of samples by immunoblot.
  • Analysis of samples by RT-qPCR.
  • Processing and analysis of molecular results.
  • Creation of databases and introduction of variables.


2023 Rates


Dra. Belén Ramos
Molecular Laboratory Coordinator
Tel. 936 009 452


Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.