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KIDs Corona project

Study #ElsInfantsSónClau

Platform for research on COVID-19 in the maternal and child population. Available only in Spanish.

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Predicted prognosis of one type of childhood cancer by tumour engraftment in mice

Researchers of the Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu and the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital have made public their ten-year experience with the development of animal models of paediatric sarcomas

Human milk from women infected and vaccinated for coronavirus has antibodies against COVID-19

Human milk from infected women and vaccinated for coronavirus has antibodies against COVID-19, according to two published studies in the medRxiv repository and launched by the scientific consortium MilkCorona,



Montse Gil


"Whether or not to start a new drug treatment should be an informed and shared decision made jointly by the prescriber and the patient."

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