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i4KIDS | Pediatric Innovation Day 2024

This isn't just any conference-it's a gathering of people passionate about pediatric healthcare. Expect to meet experts, clinicians, startup founders, and innovators from all over Europe. We're here to exchange ideas, spark new research, and drive forward pediatric innovations.

Riga (Latvia) & online


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  1. i4KIDS | Virtual Reality in pediatrics: How making healthcare child-friendly and effective?

    New technologies are booming and starting to benefit patients - pediatric patient can be perfect user being digital natives. Digital technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) can innovate how young patients are managed and supported in the clinical context, with benefits ranging from drug-free pain management to rehabilitation and health education.



  2. XARTECSALUT | SHARE & CONNECT – 3D and Biomaterials in Health

    SHARE & CONNECT is a series of informal thematic gatherings designed to achieve the following objectives: (1) Facilitate networking, (2) Promote knowledge exchange, and (3) Showcase the research advancements of network members.

    Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona


  3. XARTECSALUT | Making my research reach society, impacting the lives of people

    Mentor by Marie-Eve Beaulieu (CSO Peptomyc)



  4. TECSAM | Breakfast & Learn: Guia pràctica per oferir serveis a una empresa privada des de la recerca

    A cargo de Miguel Estruch Soler, Co-founder de Viromii.



  5. #ViernesCientíficos | Adaptación y validación del cuestionario "Quality of life tool specific to children with bladder dysfunction"

    Seminario a cargo de Carlos Valdespina Aguilar. Enfermero especialista en Enfermería del Trabajo.



  6. #NeuroConCiencia| Neurociencias pediátricas: Mapa de investigación en SJD

    Seminario a cargo de: Equipo de neurología de Sant Joan de Déu.



  7. XARTECSALUT | How can I make my research project a profitable solution? The importance of the business model

    Mento by Juan Solís (Partner at Arvor)

    Room 52.S29, Universitat Pompeu FabRoom 52.S29, Campus del Poblenou, UPF, Dept. Information and Communication Technologiesra, Campus del Poblenou, Dept. Information and Communication Technologies


  8. i4KIDS | Why is health economics & HTA important in projects?

    Discover the importance of including health economics and health technology assessment (HTA) in your project, with Oriol Solà-Morales, Founder and President of Fundació HiTT, a biotech consultancy specialised in Market Access and Technology Transfer.



  9. Jornada de salud mental y jovenes migrantes

    Esta jornada pretende ser una oportunidad para concienciar sobre la salud mental de los jóvenes migrantes, compartir conocimientos, establecer sinergias y colaborar en la búsqueda de soluciones efectivas para mejorar el bienestar psicológico de los jóvenes migrantes en nuestras comunidades.

    Auditorio Sant Joan de Déu Numància