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    Sex-Specific Protective Effects of APOE e2 on Cognitive Performance.



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    Effects and Mechanisms of Cognitive, Aerobic Exercise, and Combined Training on Cognition, Health, and Brain Outcomes in Physically Inactive Older Adults: The Projecte Moviment Protocol.

    FRONTIERS IN AGING NEUROSCIENCE . 11: 216-216. Number of citations: 5


  • Moreno DJ, Pino S, Ríos Á, Lopera F, Ostos H, Via M and Bedoya G.

    Genetic Ancestry and Susceptibility to Late-Onset Alzheimer Disease (LOAD) in the Admixed Colombian Population.

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  • Garcia-Garcia M, Via M, Zarnowiec K, SanMiguel I, Escera C and Clemente I.

    COMT and DRD2/ANKK-1 gene-gene interaction account for resetting of gamma neural oscillations to auditory stimulus-driven attention.

    PLoS One . 12(2): e0172362. Number of citations: 2


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    Population structure from NOS genes correlates with geographical differences in coronary incidence across Europe.



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    Involvement of the Serotonin Transporter Gene in Accurate Subcortical Speech Encoding

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    Analysis of Genomic Regions Associated With Coronary Artery Disease Reveals Continent-Specific Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in North African Populations

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