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  • Brizuela A, Herrero-Climent M, Rios-Carrasco E, Rios-Santos JV, Pérez RA, Manero JM and Gil Mur J.

    Influence of the Elastic Modulus on the Osseointegration of Dental Implants.

    Materials . 12(6): . Number of citations: 27


  • Hoyos M, Falgueras-Batlle E, Ginebra MP, Manero JM, Gil-Mur FX and Mas C.

    A Dual Molecular Biointerface Combining RGD and KRSR Sequences Improves Osteoblastic Functions by Synergizing Integrin and Cell-Membrane Proteoglycan Binding.

    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES . 20(6): . Number of citations: 17


  • Guillem J, Gelabert M, Heras-Parets A, Pegueroles M, Ginebra MP and Manero JM.

    RGD Mutation of the Heparin Binding II Fragment of Fibronectin for Guiding Mesenchymal Stem Cell Behavior on Titanium Surfaces.

    ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES . 11(4): 3666-3678. Number of citations: 9


  • Hoyos-Nogués M, Buxadera J, Ginebra MP, Manero JM, Gil-Mur FX and Mas C.

    All-in-one trifunctional strategy: A cell adhesive, bacteriostatic and bactericidal coating for titanium implants.

    COLLOID SURFACE B . 169: 30-40. Number of citations: 33


  • Guillem J, Boix-Lemonche G, Gugutkov D, Ginebra MP, Altankov G and Manero JM.

    Recombinant fibronectin fragment III8-10/polylactic acid hybrid nanofibers enhance the bioactivity of titanium surface.

    NANOMEDICINE . 13(8): 899-912. Number of citations: 4


  • Fraioli R, Tsimbouri PM, Fisher LE, Nobbs AH, Su B, Neubauer S, Rechenmacher F, Kessler H, Ginebra MP, Dalby MJ, Manero JM and Mas C.

    Towards the cell-instructive bactericidal substrate: exploring the combination of nanotopographical features and integrin selective synthetic ligands

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS . 7(1): 16363-16363. Number of citations: 27


  • Gilabert-Chirivella E, Pérez-Feito R, Ribeiro C, Ribeiro S, Correia DM, González-Martín ML, Manero JM, Lanceros S, Gallego G and Gómez-Ribelles JL.

    Chitosan patterning on titanium implants

    Progress in Organic Coatings . 111: 23-28.


  • Hoyos M, Velasco F, Ginebra MP, Manero JM, Gil-Mur FX and Mas C.

    Regenerating Bone via Multifunctional Coatings: The Blending of Cell Integration and Bacterial Inhibition Properties on the Surface of Biomaterials.

    ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES . 9(26): 21618-21630. Number of citations: 50


  • Rodríguez-Contreras A, García Y, Manero JM and Rupérez E.

    Antibacterial PHAs coating for titanium implants

    EUR POLYM J . 90: 66-78.


  • Castellanos Robles J, Mas C, Grau A, Serra-Picamal X, Trepat X, Albericio F, Joner M, Gil-Mur FX, Ginebra MP, Manero JM and Pegueroles M.

    Functionalization of CoCr surfaces with cell adhesive peptides to promote HUVECs adhesion and proliferation

    APPL SURF SCI . 393: 82-92.