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  • Rodriguez-Contreras, Alejandra, Torres, Diego, Rafik, Belal, Ortiz Hernández M, Ginebra, Maria Pau, Calero, Jose A., Manero JM and Rupérez E.

    Bioactivity and antibacterial properties of calcium- and silver-doped coatings on 3D printed titanium scaffolds

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  • Arias-Gonzalez, Felipe, Rodriguez-Contreras, Alejandra, Punset M, Manero JM, Barro, Oscar, Fernandez-Arias, Monica, Lusquinos, Fernando, Javier Gil, Francisco and Pou, Juan.

    In-Situ Laser Directed Energy Deposition of Biomedical Ti-Nb and Ti-Zr-Nb Alloys from Elemental Powders

    METALS . 11(8): .


  • Boix-Lemonche G, Guillem J, Lekka M, D'Este F, Guida F, Manero JM and Skerlavaj B.

    Membrane perturbation, altered morphology and killing of Staphylococcus epidermidis upon contact with a cytocompatible peptide-based antibacterial surface.

    COLLOID SURFACE B . 203: 111745-111745.


  • Rodriguez-Contreras, Alejandra, Punset M, Calero, Jose A., Javier Gil, Francisco, Rupérez E and Manero JM.

    Powder metallurgy with space holder for porous titanium implants: A review

    JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY . 76: 129-149. Number of citations: 11


  • Rodríguez-Contreras A, Torres D, Guillem J, Sereno P, Ginebra MP, Calero JA, Manero JM and Rupérez E.

    Development of novel dual-action coatings with osteoinductive and antibacterial properties for 3D-printed titanium implants

    SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY . 403: 126381. Number of citations: 3


  • Boix-Lemonde G, Guillem J, D'Este F, Manero JM and Skerlavaj B.

    Covalent grafting of titanium with a cathelicidin peptide produces an osteoblast compatible surface with antistaphylococcal activity

    COLLOID SURFACE B . 185: .


  • Velasco-Ortega E, Flichy-Fernández A, Punset M, Jiménez-Guerra A, Manero JM and Gil Mur FX.

    Fracture and Fatigue of Titanium Narrow Dental Implants: New Trends in Order to Improve the Mechanical Response.

    Materials . 12(22): . Number of citations: 5


  • Rodríguez-Contreras A, Guillem J, Lopez O, Manero JM and Ruperez E.

    Antimicrobial PHAs coatings for solid and porous tantalum implants.

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  • Fraioli R, Neubauer S, Rechenmacher F, Bosch BM, Dashnyam K, Kim JH, Perez RA, Kim HW, Gil Mur FX, Ginebra MP, Manero JM, Kessler H and Mas C.

    Control of stem cell response and bone growth on biomaterials by fully non-peptidic integrin selective ligands.

    BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE . 7(4): 1281-1285. Number of citations: 6


  • Brizuela A, Herrero-Climent M, Rios-Carrasco E, Rios-Santos JV, Pérez RA, Manero JM and Gil Mur J.

    Influence of the Elastic Modulus on the Osseointegration of Dental Implants.

    Materials . 12(6): . Number of citations: 18