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  • Chabás A, Cormand B, Balcells S, Gonzalez R, Casanova C, Colomer J, Vilageliu L and Grinberg-Vaisman DR.

    Neuronopathic and non-neuronopathic presentation of Gaucher disease in patients with the third most common mutation (D409H) in Spain.

    JOURNAL OF INHERITED METABOLIC DISEASE . 19(6): 798-800. Number of citations: 14


  • Chabás A, Cormand B, Grinberg-Vaisman DR, Burguera JM, Balcells S, Merino JL, Mate I, Sobrino JA, Gonzalez R and Vilageliu L.

    Unusual expression of Gaucher's disease: cardiovascular calcifications in three sibs homozygous for the D409H mutation.

    JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS . 32(9): 740-742. Number of citations: 88


  • Cormand B, Vilageliu L, Burguera JM, Balcells S, Gonzalez R, Grinberg-Vaisman DR and Chabás A.

    Gaucher disease in Spanish patients: analysis of eight mutations.

    HUMAN MUTATION . 5(4): 303-309. Number of citations: 45


  • Vainieri I, Martin J, Rommel AS, Asherson P, Banaschewski T, Buitelaar J, Cormand B, Crosbie J, Faraone SV, Franke B, Loo SK, Miranda A, Manor I, Oades RD, Purves KL, Ramos-Quiroga JA, Ribasés M, Roeyers H, Rothenberger A, Schachar R, Sergeant J, Steinhausen HC, Vuijk PJ, Doyle AE and Kuntsi J.

    Polygenic association between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder liability and cognitive impairments.