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  • Sandra Luís Ruiz, Caldu X, Cristina Sánchez Castañeda, Pueyo R, Garolera M and Jurado MA.

    Is cognitive training an effective tool for improving cognitive function and real-life behaviour in healthy children and adolescents? A systematic review.

    NEUROSCIENCE AND BIOBEHAVIORAL REVIEWS . 116: 268-282. Number of citations: 5


  • García-Galant M, Blasco M, Reid L, Pannek K, Leiva D, Laporta O, Ballester J, Miralbell J, Caldu X, Xenia Alonso, Toro-Tamargo E, Meléndez-Plumed M, Gimeno F, Coronas M, Soro-Camats E, Boyd R and Pueyo R.

    Study protocol of a randomized controlled trial of home-based computerized executive function training for children with cerebral palsy.

    BMC PEDIATRICS . 20(1): 9-9. Number of citations: 1


  • Laporta O, Ballester J, Leiva D, Ribas T, Miralbell J, Torroja-Nualart C, MARIA EUGENIA RUSSI DELFRARO, Toro-Tamargo E, Meléndez-Plumed M, Gimeno F, Alfons Macaya and Pueyo R.

    Executive function and general intellectual functioning in dyskinetic cerebral palsy: Comparison with spastic cerebral palsy and typically developing controls.

    EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PAEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY . 23(4): 546-559. Number of citations: 5


  • Laporta-Hoyos O, Fiori S, Pannek K, Ballester J, Leiva D, Reid LB, Pagnozzi AM, Vázquez E, Delgado I, Macaya I, Pueyo R and Boyd RN.

    Brain lesion scores obtained using a simple semi-quantitative scale from MR imaging are associated with motor function, communication and cognition in dyskinetic cerebral palsy

    NEUROIMAGE-CLINICAL . 19: 892-900. Number of citations: 6


  • Ballester J, Laporta O, Macaya A, Poo P, Meléndez-Plumed M, Toro-Tamargo E, Gimeno F, Narberhaus A, Segarra D and Pueyo R.

    Cognitive functioning in dyskinetic cerebral palsy: Its relation to motor function, communication and epilepsy.

    EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PAEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY . 22(1): 102-112. Number of citations: 12


  • Ballester J, Schmidt R, Laporta-Hoyos O, Junqué C, Vázquez É, Delgado I, Zubiaurre-Elorza L, Macaya A, Poo P, Toro E, de Reus MA, van den Heuvel MP and Pueyo R.

    Whole-Brain Structural Connectivity in Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy and Its Association With Motor and Cognitive Function

    HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING . 38(9): 4594-4612. Number of citations: 13


  • Laporta O, Ballester J, Poo P, Macaya A, Meléndez-Plumed M, Vázquez E, Delgado I, Zubiaurre-Elorza L, Botellero VL, Narberhaus A, Toro-Tamargo E, Segarra D and Pueyo R.

    Proxy-reported quality of life in adolescents and adults with dyskinetic cerebral palsy is associated with executive functions and cortical thickness

    QUALITY OF LIFE RESEARCH . 26(5): 1209-1222. Number of citations: 10


  • Laporta-Hoyos O, Pannek K, Ballester J, Reid LB, Vázquez É, Delgado I, Zubiaurre-Elorza L, Macaya A, Poo P, Meléndez-Plumed M, Junqué C, Boyd R and Pueyo R.

    White matter integrity in dyskinetic cerebral palsy: Relationship with intelligence quotient and executive function

    NEUROIMAGE-CLINICAL . 15: 789-800. Number of citations: 11


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    Functional network centrality in obesity: A resting-state and task fMRI study.

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