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  • Martorell-Sampol L, Tondo M, García-Fructuoso G, Naudo-Lahoz M, Alegre C, Gamez J, Genovés-Escarre J and Poo P.

    Screening for the presence of FMR1 premutation alleles in a Spanish population with fibromyalgia

    CLINICAL RHEUMATOLOGY . 31(11): 1611-1615. Number of citations: 6


  • Tondo M, Poo P, Naudo-Lahoz M, Ferrando T, Genovés-Escarre J, Molero M and Martorell-Sampol L.

    Predisposition to epilepsy in fragile X syndrome: Does the Va166Met polymorphism in the BDNF gene play a role?

    EPILEPSY & BEHAVIOR . 22(3): 581-583. Number of citations: 8


  • Martorell-Sampol L, Nascimento MT, Colomé-Roura R, Genovés-Escarre J, Naudo-Lahoz M and Nascimento-Osorio A.

    Four sisters compound heterozygotes for the pre- and full mutation in fragile X syndrome and a complete inactivation of X-functional chromosome: implications for genetic counseling

    JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS . 56(1): 87-90. Number of citations: 3