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  • Calderon-Mediavilla M, Vila-Badia R, Dolz M, Butjosa Molines A, Barajas A, del Cacho N, Sánchez Fernández B, Pardo M, Baños I, Usall J, Ochoa S, GENIPE Group and PROFEP Group.

    Depressive symptoms and their relationship with negative and other psychotic symptoms in early onset psychosis.

    EUROPEAN CHILD & ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY . 30(9): 1383-1390. Number of citations: 3


  • Lacasa F, Alvarez Segura M, Navarro M, Richart M, San L and Ortiz E.

    Emotion regulation group therapy and development of interpersonal grup therapy for children and adolescents witnessing domestic violence: a preliminary uncontrolled trial.

    Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma . : .