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  • Migliorelli C, Romero S, Bachiller A, Aparicio J, Alonso Lopez JF, Mañanas MA and San Antonio-Arce MV.

    Improving the ripple classification in focal pediatric epilepsy: identifying pathological high-frequency oscillations by Gaussian mixture model clustering.



  • Migliorelli C, Bachiller A, Alonso Lopez JF, Romero S, Aparicio J, Jacobs J, Mañanas MA and San Antonio-Arce MV.

    SGM: a novel time-frequency algorithm based on unsupervised learning improves high-frequency oscillation detection in epilepsy.

    JOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING . 17(2): 26032-26032.


  • Rojas M, Alonso Lopez JF, Jordanic M, Mañanas MA and Chaler J.

    Analysis of Muscle Load-Sharing in Patients With Lateral Epicondylitis During Endurance Isokinetic Contractions Using Non-linear Prediction.

    FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY . 10: 1185-1185. Number of citations: 2


  • Migliorelli C, Bachiller A, Andrade AG, Alonso Lopez JF, Mañanas MA, Borja C, Giménez S, Antonijoan RM, Varga AW, Osorio RS and Romero S.

    Alterations in EEG connectivity in healthy young adults provide an indicator of sleep depth.

    Sleep . 42(6): . Number of citations: 4


  • Molina V, Bachiller A, de Luis R, Lubeiro A, Poza J, Hornero R, Alonso Lopez JF, Mañanas MA, Marqués P and Romero S.

    Topography of activation deficits in schizophrenia during P300 task related to cognition and structural connectivity.

    European archives of psychiatry and clinical neuroscience . 269(4): 419-428. Number of citations: 3


  • Migliorelli C, Alonso Lopez JF, Romero S, Nowak R, Russi A and Mañanas MA.

    Automated detection of epileptic ripples in MEG using beamformer-based virtual sensors.

    JOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING . 14(4): 46013-46013. Number of citations: 18


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    A Novel Spatial Feature for the Identification of Motor Tasks Using High-Density Electromyography.

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  • Ochoa JF, Alonso Lopez JF, Duque JE, Tobón CA, Baena A, Lopera F, Mañanas MA and Hernández AM.

    Precuneus Failures in Subjects of the PSEN1 E280A Family at Risk of Developing Alzheimer's Disease Detected Using Quantitative Electroencephalography

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    Cognitive stimulation has potential for brain activation in individuals with Rett syndrome.