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  • Schieber R, Mas C, Lasserre F, Roa JJ, Ginebra MP, Mücklich F and Pegueroles M.

    Effectiveness of Direct Laser Interference Patterning and Peptide Immobilization on Endothelial Cell Migration for Cardio-Vascular Applications: An In Vitro Study.

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  • Victor Chausse Calbet, Schieber R, Raymond Llorens, Yago, Ségry B, Sabaté R, Kolandaivelu K, Ginebra MP and Pegueroles M.

    Solvent-cast direct-writing as a fabrication strategy for radiopaque stents

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  • Schieber, Romain, Raymond Llorens, Yago, Caparros, Cristina, Bou, Jordi, Herrero Acero, Enrique, Guebitz, Georg M., Canal Barnils C and Pegueroles M.

    Functionalization Strategies and Fabrication of Solvent-Cast PLLA for Bioresorbable Stents

    APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL . 11(4): . Number of citations: 5


  • Fernández-Yagüe M, Antoñanzas RP, Roa JJ, Biggs M, Gil Mur FX and Pegueroles M.

    Enhanced osteoconductivity on electrically charged titanium implants treated by physicochemical surface modifications methods.



  • Guillem J, Gelabert M, Heras-Parets A, Pegueroles M, Ginebra MP and Manero JM.

    RGD Mutation of the Heparin Binding II Fragment of Fibronectin for Guiding Mesenchymal Stem Cell Behavior on Titanium Surfaces.

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  • Schieber R, Lasserre F, Hans M, Fernández-Yagüe M, Díaz-Ricart M, Escolar G, Ginebra MP, Mücklich F and Pegueroles M.

    Direct Laser Interference Patterning of CoCr Alloy Surfaces to Control Endothelial Cell and Platelet Response for Cardiovascular Applications.

    ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS . 6(19): . Number of citations: 25


  • Castellanos Robles J, Mas C, Grau A, Serra-Picamal X, Trepat X, Albericio F, Joner M, Gil Mur FX, Ginebra MP, Manero JM and Pegueroles M.

    Functionalization of CoCr surfaces with cell adhesive peptides to promote HUVECs adhesion and proliferation

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  • Velasco E, Monsalve-Guil L, Jimenez A, Ortiz I, Moreno-Muñoz J, Nuñez-Marquez E, Pegueroles M, Pérez RA and Gil FJ.

    Importance of the Roughness and Residual Stresses of Dental Implants on Fatigue and Osseointegration Behavior. In Vivo Study in Rabbits

    JOURNAL OF ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY . 42(6): 469-476. Number of citations: 25


  • Espinar-Escalona E, Bravo-Gonzalez LA, Pegueroles M and Gil Mur FX.

    Roughness and wettability effect on histological and mechanical response of self-drilling orthodontic mini-implants

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