Judith Bassols Casadevall

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Metabolic endocrinology

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  • Bassols-Casadevall J, Xargay-Torrent, S, Bonmati, A, Prats-Puig, A, Carreras-Badosa, G, Lizarraga-Mollinedo E, Badosa, E, de Zegher F, Ibañez-Toda L and López-Bermejo A MIRNAS IN UMBILICAL CORD OF SMALL-FOR-GESTATIONALAGE INFANTS AT BIRTH: ASSOCIATION WITH POSTNATAL CATCH-UP GROWTH HORMONE RESEARCH IN PAEDIATRICS . 88: 101-101.
  • Riera-Perez, E, Prats-Puig, A, Mas-Parareda, M, Gonzalez-Forcadell, D, Mier, C, Mallol-Guisset, M, Carbonell, M, Soriano-Rodriguez, P, Bassols-Casadevall J, Díaz-Silva M, Ibañez-Toda L and López-Bermejo A Circulating adiponectin is related to osteocalcin in healthy children: perspective for an adiponectin-osteocalcin loop in humans Hormone Research . 72: 287-288.
  • Prats-Puig, A, Bassols-Casadevall J, Vazquez-Ruiz, M, Garcia-Gonzalez, MM, Giralt, R, Palomer, AM, Juanola, A, Brossa, A, Mendoza-Dileo, E, Miranda-Arce, MA, Fabrega, R, Colomer-Virosta, C, Villalon, C, Ibañez-Toda L and López-Bermejo A The fat mass- and obesity-associated FTO gene is expressed in human placenta and is related to birth weight and placental visfatin Hormone Research . 72: 56-56.
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