Laura Marti Sanchez

Investigador post-doc

Researcher Laura Martí Sánchez graduated in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences in 2004 from the University of Valencia. That same year he took two postgraduate courses belonging to the same university: Postgraduate in Genetic Diagnostic Techniques and Postgraduate in Medical Genetics. During those years, various internships have been carried out: (1) in the clinical field in the Laboratory of Clinical Analysis and Microbiology of the Hospital de Manises (Valencia), (2) performing cytogenetic techniques in the Radiological Protection Department of the La Fe hospital (Valencia), (3) in the Sequencing and Arrays service of the La Fe hospital (Valencia), (4) in the production and diagnosis service of the company Progenie Molecular (Valencia) and (5) performing basic research techniques in the Príncipe Felipe Research Center (Valencia).

Potentially, the researcher completed the "Advanced Genetics" master's degree from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Currently, the researcher is studying her last year of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona.

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