Délia Yubero Siles


Délia Yubero graduated in Biology in 2011 at the University of Barcelona and completed a Master in Developmental Biology and Genetics completed in 2012 at the University of Barcelona.

His scientific career begins with the incorporation into the group of metabolic diseases led by Dr. Rafael Artuch (SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital), carrying out the doctoral thesis framed in the research project on mitochondrial pathologies, specifically on Coenzyme deficiencies Q10 in neuropediatric patients. In 2016, she obtained his Doctorate in Biology.

In 2016, he joined the Genetic and Molecular Medicine Service of the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital, where a genomic analysis platform has been created that has the technological resources to enhance the diagnosis of patients with minority diseases.

Currently, participate as responsible for the genetic diagnosis of hereditary monogenic diseases through the use of massive sequencing techniques, covering the entire range of disciplines in which the SJD Barcelona Children's Hospital provides services, including immunology, neurology, neuromuscular disorders, nephrology, clinical genetics, endocrinology, ophthalmology, etc.

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Project name:
Catalan Interhospital Network of Genetic Variants to Improve Genetic Diagnosis in Rare Diseases
Délia Yubero Siles
Funding entities:
Fundació La Marató de TV3
Starting - finishing date:
2021 - 2024
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