Maria Montserrat Gil Girbau

Maria Montserrat Gil Girbau

Investigador post-doc

The researcher Mª Montserrat Gil Girbau has a degree in Pharmacy and has a Master's Degree in Assistive Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care from the University of Barcelona (UB). She obtained her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the UB in January 2020.

She is a researcher in the research group in Primary Care and Mental Health (PRISMA) of the San Juan de Dios Research Institute and an expert in Qualitative Research. It belongs to the Research Network on Preventive Activities and Health Promotion (redIAPP).

She is currently working on various projects related to pharmacological adherence and strategic planning projects in mental health in municipalities and regions throughout Catalonia.

She is a member and a reference for adherence in the "Spanish Society of Family and Community Pharmacy" (SEFAC) of Catalonia.

She has more than 15 years of experience in Community Pharmacy and subsequent influxration into research since 2014.

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