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Starting soon: The European Partnership for Personalised Medicine

The European Partnership for Personalised Medicine (EP PerMed) is a European Partnership launched under Horizon Europe. The 10-year partnership was launched on 5 October 2023 with a vision to improve health outcomes within sustainable healthcare systems through research, development, innovation and implementation of personalised medicine approaches for the benefit of patients, citizens, and society.

The partnership builds on several developments, initiatives and projects such as ERA PerMed, ICPerMed and its supporting projects (ICPerMed Family) funded by the European Commission. The EP PerMed consortium will bring together most of the partners from these initiatives and expand its scope with additional partners from Europe and beyond.

EP PerMed is guided by its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). This document contains 57 'Triplets of Action' (ToA), which define certain challenges, objectives, and the expected outcome of actions to foster personalised medicine research and the implementation of innovative personalised medicine approaches.

One of the main activities of EP PerMed is the preparation and implementation of an estimated seven joint transnational calls for research and innovation projects. In addition to funding personalised medicine research, EP PerMed will:

  • Act as global personalised medicine platform for scientific and strategic dialogue and alignment.
  • Facilitate and accelerate all steps of implementation through the full value continuum, so that personalised medicine achievements can be successfully implemented.
  • Foster demonstration projects and promote successes and lessons learned to demonstrate evidence of personalised medicine implementation.

The publication of a first Joint Transnational Call is expected for the beginning of 2024.

The total estimated budget of EP Permed is ~€370 million over a ten year period.


Full details of eligibility criteria will be made available at the launch of the first joint transnational call for proposals.

Individual groups are funded by their respective EP PerMed funding organisations and applications are, therefore, subject to eligibility criteria and regulations of the individual funding organisations. Applicants are strongly advised to contact their national representatives to confirm their eligibility.


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