World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF)

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World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF)
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Up to £350.000 for the IIG's. Up to £60.000 for PFG's

Funding consisting of investigator initiated, pilot and feasibility grants for research focusing on cancer
prevention and survival by investigating mechanisms or host factors.

World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF) works at a global level on cancer prevention research related to diet,
weight and physical activity.
WCRF Research Grants fund research focusing on cancer prevention and survival by investigating mechanisms or host
factors. The scheme comprises:
Investigator initiated grants (IIGs) for researchers working on WCRF's research areas and themes.
Pilot and feasibility grants (PFGs) intended as start-up funds for preliminary research to allow the development of
innovative ideas, new methodologies and new research tools relevant to WCRF's research themes.
The areas of cancer prevention and cancer survivors may be addressed either from the perspective of identifying the
mechanisms that underpin the effect of diet, nutrition and physical activity on cancer, or by addressing the host factors that
influence individual susceptibility to cancer development or progression, and so contribute to explaining variability between
people in outcomes.
For cancer survivors, WCRF also encourages broader research into evidence for the impact of diet, nutrition (including
body composition), physical activity and outcomes after cancer diagnosis, as robust evidence on this is still lacking

IIGs are awarded up to a maximum of £350,000 for up to four years, with a limit of £100,000 for any one year. PFGs are
for a maximum of £60,000 in total for up to two years.

For further information on how to obtain this grant locally, please contact the following:

  1. World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRF)
    Upper Ground Floor
    140 Pentonville Road
    N1 9FW
    Tel: +44 207 343 4200
    Email: info(ELIMINAR)

Grants are open to Principal Investigators based at research institutions in any country outside the Americas (North
America, Central America, including the Caribbean, and South America). (The American Institute for Cancer Research
(AICR) manages and funds a separate research grant scheme, which accepts applications from the Americas only.)
Eligible institutions are universities, medical schools, hospitals, research institutes and other academic centres.
Principal Investigators must hold a research position at the host institution for the duration of the project.
A maximum of five applications will be accepted from one institution in any one grant cycle. An applicant can be a
Principal Investigator for one application and co-applicant in one or more other applications (up to a maximum of four).

A PhD student cannot be the Principal Investigator. (However, they can be included on a research grant project, providing
that they are a full-time student and are spending 100% of their time on the project.)
Xenograft and tumour models in animals induced by chemical or other means, or any studies outside mammalian
systems, will not be accepted.
Funding cannot be given for anti-cancer drugs, cancer treatment or applications that propose solely cell line studies.


Applications must be made using WCRF's online Grants Management System. The link can be found down below.