Jeffrey Modell Foundation Specific Defect Research Program

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The Jeffrey Modell Foundation (JMF)
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Up to $50,000

Funding to support research to study the mechanisms and presentation of specific defects of the immune system.

The Jeffrey Modell Foundation (JMF) is an international, non-profit, organisation dedicated to helping individuals and family members affected by primary immunodeficiency disorders. The Foundation is active in four main areas: research, physician and patient education, patient support, and public awareness of primary immune deficiency.

The goal of the Specific Defect Research Program is to support research to study the mechanisms and presentation of specific defects of the immune system, leading to a better understanding of the conditions and their impact on overall health outcomes. The Foundation's database includes high numbers of various genotypes around the world. This database can provide an excellent platform for collaboration. This can evolve into sharing patient samples and setting up international collaborative studies. Working together with the Foundation, investigators will have access to this international database and be able to contact other sites in order to coordinate studies.

Novel investigations are invited to expand upon the following list of Specific Defect Research Grants:

  2. Autoimmune Cytopenias
  3. CARD9/CMC
  4. Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis Disease
  5. Congenital Agammaglobulinemia
  6. CVID
  7. Foxp3/IPEX
  8. FOXP3/Regulatory T cells
  9. Fulminant viral hepatitis
  10. IL10 Receptor Deficiency
  11. IPEX/IPEX like syndromes
  12. LRBA Deficiency
  13. MHC Polymorphisms in CVID
  14. Post-HSCT Idiopathic Pneumonia
  15. RAG1/RAG2 deficiencies
  16. STAT3
  17. Streptococcus Pneumonia
  18. WES to identify next generation of Immunodeficiencies
  19. WGS to identify pathogenic gene mutations underlying Primary Immunodeficiency
  20. WHIM
  21. X-Linked Hyper IgM syndrome
  22. X-Linked CGD
  23. XMEN
  24. Zap70 deficiency

The Jeffrey Modell Foundation encourages novel investigations to expand upon this list of Specific Defect Research Grants.


Investigators from any country are eligible to apply.


*Each award amounts up to $50,000 over a two-year project period, with a maximum of $25,000 per year.

*Awards are granted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Applicants are invited to apply at any time.

*Required Application Materials:

- Application: Please download and complete the application provided at this

- Research Proposal: Please attach a detailed research proposal outlining the specific aims, background, purpose, and goals of the intended project. This proposal should be approximately 3-4 pages. Tables, figures, and graphs, etc. may also be included as supplemental documentation to support the proposal.

- Budget and Budget Justification
A budget and detailed budget justification must be attached with the application. The budget justification should not exceed 2 pages.

- Curriculum Vitae/Biosketch
Please attach your most current curriculum vitae or biosketch, highlighting experience as it relates to your proposed project. Please also list publications in order of relevance to the proposal.

*Application Submission and Inquiries:

Applications for this program are currently accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, so you may apply at any time. JMF encourages submission of the application and all required materials by email at research(ELIMINAR)