COST Actions - Call 2021

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COST (CO-operation in Science and Technology) is a pan-European intergovernmental framework dedicated to science and technology networking activities aiming at allowing their participants to jointly develop their ideas and new initiatives across all scientific disciplines. COST mission is to enable breakthrough scientific developments leading to new concepts, services and products and thereby contributing to strengthening European research and innovation capacities. In order to achieve its mission, COST endeavors to build capacity by connecting high-quality scientific communities in Europe and worldwide, provide networking opportunities for Early Stage Researchers and increase research impact on policy makers, regulatory bodies and national decision makers as well as on the private sector.

Objective of the call

The objective of the call is to enhance the scientific, technological or social excellence and transparency of COST through an accessible bottom-up opportunity. Proposals must contribute to the scientific, technological, economic, cultural or societal knowledge advancement and development of Europe to close the gap between science, policy makers and society. The call is transversal and open to ideas in all fields of Science and Technology. It fosters multi- and interdisciplinary projects, aiming to enable breakthrough scientific developments leading to new concepts and products.


Eligible activities

The COST projects are implemented through a series of networking tools, such as:
- Meetings (i.e. Management Committee meetings, Working Group meetings);
- Training Schools;
- Short-Term Scientific Missions;
- Dissemination.

Eligible applicants

COST Actions are open to researchers, engineers and scholars who are affiliated to a university, research centre, company or other relevant public and private organization located in one of the 38 COST Member States or in any of the Near Neighbour Countries (NNCs) or International Partner Countries (IPCs). The participation of researchers from less research-intensive countries across Europe is required: these countries are denominated Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITCs), being either an EU Member State or Associated Country to Horizon 2020. The complete list of these categories of countries is available in the call guidelines.

Partnership criteria

The Network must include at least 7 proposers affiliated to entities located in at least 7 different COST Members. At least 50% of the proposers must come from COST ITCs, following the scheme detailed in the annex to the call. There can be more than one proposer per institution.


Projects duration

4 years

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