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Institut de Neurociències (UBNeuro) - Universitat de Barcelona

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The principal aim of our group is to contribute to our knowledge on the biological basis of brain functioning and neuroplasticity. To accomplish this, our research is structured around the repercussions of cerebral dysfunction or injury on cognition and behaviour. We also examine the changes in brain structure and function produced by various types of interventions (cognitive stimulation, mindfulness or exercise) which are detectable on MRI.

Our group is an AGAUR recognised research group (2017SGR748) and is a member of the Institute of Neurosciences of the University of Barcelona.

Research lines

  1. Neuropsychology-neurodevelopmental disorders (X. Caldú): the neuropsychological basis of different neurodevelopmental disorders such as non-verbal learning disorders, dyscalculia, dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or foetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
  2. Neuropsychology-Obesity (M.A. Jurado): differences in CNS functioning in persons with obesity and effect of executive function training on children with obesity.
  3. Neuropsychology-healthy ageing and cerebrovascular disease (M. Mataró): the neurobiological mechanisms of neuroprotective and non-pharmacological interventions such as physical exercise, mindfulness and cognitive training.
  4. Neuropsychology-cerebral palsy (R. Pueyo): investigating cerebral palsy, and in particular cognitive and emotional performance, the relationship with underlying brain mechanisms, associated deficits, participation and quality of life, and improvements after neuropsychological interventions in the paediatric population.

Scientific objectives

  1. To study the cognitive, cerebral and quality-of-life repercussions after specific cognitive training in various childhood disorders.
  2. To identify the most appropriate stimulation parameters to maximise improvements.
  3. To detect the most promising mediating variables, including biomarkers.

Area/Field of expertise

The group has gained valuable research experience in neuropsychology and is led by professionals duly accredited as clinical neuropsychologists. We are highly-specialist professionals with expertise in the study, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and/or rehabilitation throughout the life cycle of the patient with neurological, medical, neurodevelopmental and/or psychopathological disorders, as well as other emotional, behavioural, cognitive and learning disorders. Using neuropsychological techniques and tests, our group assesses the affected and intact aspects of the psychosocial, cognitive, behavioural and emotional areas and how these relate to normal or abnormal nervous system functioning.

We have proven track record in structural and functional neuroimaging techniques. This means that we can incorporate analytical tools, such as  structural connectome mapping or functional resting state networks characterisation, etc., into our research activity. We also conduct studies that incorporate genetic techniques and biochemical data, including metabolomics and transcriptomics.

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  • Overweight, allostatic load and neuroimaging
    Ottino González, Jonatan
  • Beyond the motor impairment in dyskinetic cerebral palsy: neuropsychological and connectome-based approach
    Ballester Plané, Júlia
  • Neuroimaging and executive function in dyskinetic cerebral palsy
    Laporta Hoyos, Olga
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