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  • Quesada T, Gavaldà-Navarro A, Morón S, Campderrós L, Iglesias R, Giralt M and Villarroya-Gombau F.

    GPR120 controls neonatal brown adipose tissue thermogenic induction.

    AM J PHYSIOL-ENDOC M . 317(5): . Number of citations: 10


  • Cereijo R, Gavaldà-Navarro A, Cairo M, Quesada T, Villarroya-Terrade J, Morón S, Sánchez-Infantes D, Peyrou M, Iglesias R, Mampel T, Turatsinze JV, Eizirik DL, Giralt M and Villarroya-Gombau F.

    CXCL14, a Brown Adipokine that Mediates Brown-Fat-to-Macrophage Communication in Thermogenic Adaptation.

    CELL METABOLISM . 28(5): . Number of citations: 128


  • Quesada T, Cereijo R, Turatsinze JV, Planavila A, Cairo M, Gavaldà-Navarro A, Peyrou M, Moure R, Iglesias R, Giralt M, Eizirik DL and Villarroya-Gombau F.

    The lipid sensor GPR120 promotes brown fat activation and FGF21 release from adipocytes.

    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS . 7: 13479-13479. Number of citations: 175


  • Villarroya-Terrade J, Redondo-Angulo I, Iglesias R, Giralt M, Villarroya-Gombau F and Planavila A.

    Sirt1 mediates the effects of a short-term high-fat diet on the heart.

    JOURNAL OF NUTRITIONAL BIOCHEMISTRY . 26(11): 1328-1337. Number of citations: 11


  • Gavaldà-Navarro A, Hondares E, Giralt M, Mampel T, Iglesias R and Villarroya-Gombau F.

    Fibroblast growth factor 21 in breast milk controls neonatal intestine function.

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS . 5: 13717-13717. Number of citations: 27


  • Armengol J, Villena JA, Hondares E, Carmona MC, Sul HS, Iglesias R, Giralt M and Villarroya-Gombau F.

    Pref-1 in brown adipose tissue: specific involvement in brown adipocyte differentiation and regulatory role of C/EBPd.

    BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL . 443(3): 799-810. Number of citations: 22


  • Villarroya-Gombau F, Bocos C, Giralt M, Pilar Ramos M, Herrera E, Sevillano J, Gual M, Rosell M and Iglesias R.

    Pharmacological and gene modification-based models for studying the impact of perinatal metabolic disturbances in adult life.

    Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology . 646: 141-148.