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  • García-Beltran C, Peyrou M, Navarro-Gascon A, López-Bermejo A, de Zegher F, Villarroya F and Ibañez-Toda L.

    Organokines and liver enzymes in adolescent girls with polycystic ovary syndrome during randomized treatments

    Frontiers in Endocrinology . 15: 1325230-1325230.


  • García-Beltran C, Bassols-Casadevall J, Carreras-Badosa G, López-Bermejo A, Ibañez-Toda L and de Zegher F.

    Raised Thyroid Stimulating Hormone in Girls with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Effects of Randomized Interventions

    HORMONE RESEARCH IN PAEDIATRICS . 96(5): 458-464. Number of citations: 1


  • García-Beltran C, Malpique R, Andersen, Marianne S., Bas, Firdevs, Bassols, Judit, Darendeliler, Feyza, Díaz-Silva M, Dieris, Barbara, Fanelli, Flaminia, Froehlich-Reiterer, Elke, Gambineri, Alessandra, Glintborg, Dorte, Lopez-Bermejo, Abel, Mann, Christopher, Marin, Silvia, Obermayer-Pietsch, Barbara, Odegard, Ronnaug, Ravn, Pernille, Reinehr, Thomas, Renzulli, Matteo, Salvador-Alarcon C, Singer, Viola, Vanky, Eszter, Torres, Juan Vicente, Yildiz, Melek, de Zegher, Francis and Ibañez-Toda L.

    SPIOMET4HEALTH-efficacy, tolerability and safety of lifestyle intervention plus a fixed dose combination of spironolactone, pioglitazone and metformin (SPIOMET) for adolescent girls and young women with polycystic ovary syndrome: study protocol for a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, four-arm, parallel-group, phase II clinical trial

    Trials . 24(1): 589-589.


  • García-Beltran C, Navarro-Gascon, A, Lopez-Bermejo, A, Quesada-Lopez, T, de Zegher, F, Ibañez-Toda L and Villarroya-Gombau F.

    Meteorin-like levels are associated with active brown adipose tissue in early infancy

    Frontiers in Endocrinology . 14: 1136245-1136245. Number of citations: 2


  • Bassols-Casadevall J, de Zegher F, Díaz-Silva M, Carreras-Badosa G, García-Beltran C, Puerto-Carranza E, Oliver-Vila C, Casano-Sancho P, Franco CA, Malpique R, López-Bermejo A and Ibañez-Toda L.

    Effects of half-dose spiomet treatment in girls with early puberty and accelerated bone maturation: a multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled study protocol

    Trials . 24(1): 56-56. Number of citations: 2


  • García-Beltran C, Carreras-Badosa G, Bassols-Casadevall J, Malpique R, Plou C, de Zegher F, López-Bermejo A and Ibañez-Toda L.

    microRNAs in newborns with low birth weight: relation to birth size and body composition

    PEDIATRIC RESEARCH . 92(3): 829-837. Number of citations: 4


  • Gonzalez-Riano C, Manuel Santos Barbosa, Díaz-Silva M, García-Beltran C, Lerin C, Barbas C, Ibañez-Toda L and Sánchez-Infantes D.

    Birth Weight and Early Postnatal Outcomes: Association with the Cord Blood Lipidome

    Nutrients . 14(18): . Number of citations: 4


  • García-Beltran C, Villarroya-Terrade J, Plou C, Gavaldà-Navarro A, Casano-Sancho P, Cereijo R, de Zegher F, López-Bermejo A, Ibañez-Toda L and Villarroya-Gombau F.

    Bone Morphogenetic Protein-8B Levels at Birth and in the First Year of Life: Relation to Metabolic-Endocrine Variables and Brown Adipose Tissue Activity

    Frontiers in pediatrics . 10: 869581-869581. Number of citations: 3


  • García-Beltran C, Cereijo R, Plou C, Gavaldà-Navarro A, Malpique R, Villarroya-Terrade J, López-Bermejo A, de Zegher F, Ibañez-Toda L and Villarroya-Gombau F.

    Posterior Cervical Brown Fat and CXCL14 Levels in the First Year of Life: Sex Differences and Association With Adiposity

    JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM . 107(3): 1148-1158. Number of citations: 7


  • García-Beltran C, Malpique R, Carbonetto B, González-Torres P, Henares-Bonilla D, Brotons-de los Reyes P, Munoz-Almagro C, López-Bermejo A, de Zegher F and Ibañez-Toda L.

    Gut microbiota in adolescent girls with polycystic ovary syndrome: Effects of randomized treatments

    PEDIATRIC OBESITY . 16(4): 12734-12734. Number of citations: 19