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  • Espona-Noguera A, Tampieri F and Canal-Barnils C.

    Engineering alginate-based injectable hydrogels combined with bioactive polymers for targeted plasma-derived oxidative stress delivery in osteosarcoma therapy



  • Bucci, Cristiana, Tampieri F, Mateu-Sanz, Miguel, Laurita, Romolo, Colombo, Vittorio and Canal-Barnils C.

    Oxidation of lactate to pyruvate mediates the cytotoxic potential of physical plasma-treated saline solutions in ovarian cancer

    PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS . 20(12): . Number of citations: 1


  • Tornín J, Gallego B, Rey V, Murillo D, Huergo C, Rodríguez A, Canal-Barnils C and Rodríguez R.

    Cold plasma-treated medium preferentially eliminates doxorubicin-resistant osteosarcoma cells



  • Tampieri F, Espona-Noguera A, Labay C, Ginebra MP, Yusupov M, Bogaerts A and Canal-Barnils C.

    Does non-thermal plasma modify biopolymers in solution? A chemical and mechanistic study for alginate

    BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE . 11(14): 4845-4858. Number of citations: 3


  • Chausse-Calbet V, Casanova-Batlle, Enric, Canal-Barnils C, Ginebra MP, Ciurana, Joaquim and Pegueroles M.

    Solvent-cast direct-writing and electrospinning as a dual fabrication strategy for drug-eluting polymeric bioresorbable stents

    Additive Manufacturing . 71: . Number of citations: 3


  • Tornin, J, Mateu-Sanz, M, Rey, V, Murillo, D, Huergo, C, Gallego, B, Rodriguez, A, Rodriguez, R and Canal-Barnils C.

    Cold plasma and inhibition of STAT3 selectively target tumorigenicity in osteosarcoma

    REDOX BIOLOGY . 62: 102685-102685. Number of citations: 5


  • Živanic M, Espona-Noguera A, Lin A and Canal-Barnils C.

    Current State of Cold Atmospheric Plasma and Cancer-Immunity Cycle: Therapeutic Relevance and Overcoming Clinical Limitations Using Hydrogels

    ADVANCED SCIENCE . 10(8): . Number of citations: 9


  • Solé-Martí X, Labay C, Raymond-Llorens Y, Franch, J, Benítez R, Ginebra MP and Canal-Barnils C.

    Ceramic-hydrogel composite as carrier for cold-plasma reactive-species: Safety and osteogenic capacity in vivo

    PLASMA PROCESSES AND POLYMERS . 20(1): . Number of citations: 5


  • Przekora A, Penolazzi L, Kalisz G, Kazimierczak P, Canal-Barnils C, Wojcik M, Piva R and Sroka-Bartnicka A.

    Osteoclast-mediated acidic hydrolysis of thermally gelled curdlan component of the bone scaffolds: Is it possible?

    CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS . 295: 119914-119914. Number of citations: 5


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    The 2022 Plasma Roadmap: low temperature plasma science and technology

    JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS . 55(37): . Number of citations: 168