Iria San Miguel Insúa


Research group

Cognitive neuroscience

Research line:

Predictive processes in motor-sensory interactions

Iria SanMiguel obtained her Psychology degree in 2004 from the University of Barcelona, where she continued on to do her dissertation at the Brainlab - Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group, obtaining her PhD in the Neurosciences graduate program in 2008. 

During her PhD, she spent several months as a visiting researcher in the UK, at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience in Bangor, Wales. After defending her PhD thesis, she was hired at the University of Leipzig (Germany) working as a Postdoc in the Reinhart-Koselleck project "Predictive Modelling in Audition". She was also a visiting scientist in Montréal (Canada) at the BRAMS - International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research, and in Budapest (Hungary) at the Cognitive Development Center. 

In January 2015, she returned as a senior researcher (Ramón y Cajal fellow, tenure-track position) to the University of Barcelona, where she has joined the Brainlab leading the motor-sensory interactions research line.