Flu-Copilot wins the first "Paediatric Innovation Challenge" by AstraZeneca and i4KIDS

The Flu-Copilot artificial intelligence tool, developed by the Canadian platform Arkangel Ai, has won the "Paediatric Innovation Challenge" launched by AstraZeneca and i4KIDS.

The international collaboration between AstraZeneca and i4KIDS aimed to identify innovative solutions to address pediatric influenza, covering aspects such as disease awareness, preventive strategies, and vaccination coverage.

"At i4KIDS, we work to ensure that more solutions to unmet needs in pediatrics reach the market and have a positive impact on patients, bridging the current gap and lack of products and services specifically designed and developed for this underrepresented population. The challenge launched with AstraZeneca is a good example of collaboration between the industry, the healthcare system, and innovators," commented Arnau Valls, director of i4KIDS and Coordinator of Innovation at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital.

The winning solution, Flu-Copilot, is an AI assistant created by Arkangel Ai. It provides crucial information about pediatric influenza, facilitates access to accurate data, streamlines appointment scheduling, and improves vaccination rates by 20%. Additionally, it can respond to real-time queries with data validated by medical professionals and adapt its responses based on user interaction. It also simplifies appointment scheduling and integrates with existing vaccination systems to optimize parental decision-making processes.

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Flu-Copilot virtual assistant, winner of the "Paediatric Innovation Challenge" launched by AstraZeneca and i4KIDS. i4KIDS.

This initiative will receive funding of up to €50,000 and will have the support of AstraZeneca to jointly develop the proposed innovation.