The Pediatric Innovation Day 2023 is celebrated in Warsaw

The third edition of Pediatric Innovation Day (PID) marked a milestone by being held outside Barcelona for the first time, moving to Warsaw. This event solidified itself as a space for collaboration and shared knowledge, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation, active patient participation, and a precise understanding of specific needs in the pediatric healthcare field.

Organized by i4KIDS and i4KIDS-EUROPE, with the Foundation K.I.D.S. as the host, the event brought together over 250 healthcare professionals, researchers, innovators, startups, stakeholders in the healthcare sector, and investors from across Europe and the United States.

Highlights of Pediatric Innovation Day 2023

Throughout the day, various topics in pediatric innovation were presented and discussed through talks and roundtable discussions, including presentations from the Wild Card program, driven by EIT Health and i4KIDS.

Among the featured speakers were Janene H. Fuerch, MD, and Associate Professor of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine at Stanford Children's Hospital; Marc Ramis, Managing Partner at Montana Impact Fun and Partner at Ship2B Ventures; Aurélien F. Stalder, Head of Pediatric Predevelopment at Siemens Healthineers; and Łukasz Ogrodniczak, UX Researcher at the K.I.D.S. Foundation.

In the second part of PID, various discussions took place where experts from the i4KIDS-EUROPE ecosystem shared insights on vital topics in this field. Notable participants included Sofia Ferreira, Project Innovation Director at the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital · IRSJD, who took part in the discussion on "Collaboration and Knowledge Exchange in Pediatric Healthcare Innovation with Emerging Companies," and Begonya Nafria, Principal Expert in Patient and Public Engagement at KIDS Barcelona · IRSJD, who participated in the discussion focused on patient experience and participation in research and innovation.

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The 3rd Pediatric Innovation Day sparks collaboration and advocacy for children's healthcare across Europe. i4KIDS.

"The role of impact investment as a pivotal tool in fostering pediatric innovations that can truly make a difference for young patients and their families. "