Gina's mother, Elizabeth Pedrosa won an Award ONCE Catalunya

Catalunya Radio journalist Elizabeth Pedrosa has been one of the winners of the Awards VI ONCE Catalonia Solidarity and Overcoming.

Pedrosa Elizabeth is the mother of Gina, a girl who found the Rett syndrome when he was only a year, and collaborates with the Social Work San Juan de Dios to fund research projects in Rett. The jury accepted as journalist Gina disease, as has been found that could have positive and as reflected in his book Creatures from another world. In the book, Elizabeth Pedrosa disclosed the disease, the second leading cause of mental retardation in females after Down syndrome, and gives voice to the anonymous families who have a child differently.

Write Creatures from another world has served Elizabeth Pedrosa to get the courage to overcome the difficulties of having a daughter one hundred percent dependent, to stay alive (had two more children) and to continue their journalistic profession in Catalonia Radio. Also wanted to specifically assign the copyright of the book to the Foundation of San Juan de Dios for research on Rett syndrome.

Another of the winners has been the series of TV3 red bracelets. The series created by Albert Espinosa and directed by Pau Freixas portrays the daily lives of five boys and one girl between 10 and 15 years at a pediatric hospital and reflects the desire to live and the desire to overcome with a sense of humor and tenderness. Uses red bracelets Albert Espinosa experience in hospitals, where he spent ten years entered.

ONCE Awards Catalonia Solidarity and Overcoming recognize persons or entities that stand for the encouragement and protection of the integration of people with disabilities or their desire to excel. These awards are a biennial basis, and will be delivered on November 7, 2011 in the Auditorium ONCE Catalonia.