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EB Research Partnership (EBRP)
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EB Research Project Grants are available annually to support research projects with the potential to lead directly to commercially feasible products and therapies for treating and/or curing Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Research projects:

- Should be designed to result in the creation of EB therapies with the aim of commercialisation within the next 1-4 years. Approaches that lead to meaningful step changes in the quality of lives of those living with EB and/or aim to be curative will be prioritised. All approaches must include thoughts around commercial sustainability. ​

- May relate to repurposing existing drugs or products for EB, if expected to significantly impact EB patients' quality of life.

- May be intended to provide localised or systemic benefit to EB patients.

- May involve pre-clinical or clinical trial work. However, clinical trial work is strongly preferred. Projects involving pre-clinical work should include a detailed plan and timeline regarding commercialisation.

- May relate to developing research-enabling tools, such as data collection and analysis platforms, to accelerate clinical trials.

- Should not be concerned primarily with basic or open-ended research projects without the intention to lead directly to commercially feasible EB therapies.


Each principal investigator must hold a medical degree and/or a doctoral degree in a relevant field and a post-doctoral or faculty position (or beyond) at a university, medical school or other institution that regularly hosts scientific and/or medical research. EBRP will normally grant awards only to applicants affiliated with institutions with 501(c)(3) status (or the equivalent for foreign institutions).


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