Scientific Scholar Award

Convocatòria oberta
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The Rivkin Cente
Recursos Humans
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120.000 pounds.

Two-year grants intended to assist promising laboratory and clinical scientists in pursuing a career as an independent investigator in ovarian cancer research.

Under the guidance of a mentor(s), the Scholar will explore diverse scientific approaches to specific research objectives and develop the skills required of an independent investigator. A successful candidate will provide a convincing argument for why the Scientific Scholar Award will substantially enhance his/her career and development and how the mentor(s) will contribute toward the Scholar's development as an independent researcher in ovarian cancer. The timeline given in the proposed research plan must be sufficient to support completion of a novel or promising study with proven research objectives.


Applications should normally be from post-docs or, in exceptional cases, from applicants within the final year of a PhD; the project should also be one that is distinct from that done during a PhD

If an applicant is not an academic or academic-related staff member, a letter of support is required by the principal investigator or clinical team leader

Applications submitted by members at recognised higher education research institute and/or medical institution will be considered

If there are extenuating circumstances, for instance a career break, please supply details

Early Career Members may must hold a minimum of six months' membership

One of the successful applications at each deadline will be funded by the Society's Marjorie Robinson Fund which supports research into disease of the adrenal and/or pituitary glands


Applicants should submit a proposal application to the via proposalCENTRAL ( including applicant/PI and institution contact information, scientific proposal, cover letter, mentor's statement(s), career development plan, budget information, biosketch, other support, organizational assurances, and scientific and lay abstracts.

The Scientific Proposal should be no more than five pages in length addressing each of the following areas: Specific Aims, Background and Significance, Preliminary Results (if available), and Research Design and Methods (Arial or other acceptable font, 11 point minimum, 8.5" x 11" paper, 0.5" margins). All tables, figures, and images must fit within the fivepage limit and be legible. References should be included and are not counted as part of the five-page limit. Additional materials (e.g. published papers, submitted manuscripts, letters of support, summary of facilities and resources, etc.) will not be considered.

A cover letter must accompany the application and should contain the following information:

· Name of candidate, current title, and institution

· Prior training/experience in ovarian cancer

· Short- & long- term research & career goals · Name(s) of mentor(s)

Please include a letter(s) of support from the selected mentor(s) including information on his/her relevant experience, his/her commitment to the applicant's research plan, and nature of the supervision that will occur during the award period