2020 Grants (DEMENTIA Consortium)

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Dementia Consortium
Termini FSJD:
£100-250k. £500k, for exceptional cases

Funding for projects on novel dementia targets and target validation work, with the support of the drug discovery expertise of the Dementia Consortium.

To provide full funding for projects along with access to expert in vitro biology knowledge, high-throughput screening, chemical and fragment libraries, medicinal chemistry and antibody engineering teams. Grant holders have regular project review meetings with members of the Dementia Consortium to help progress successful projects from early research findings through to target validation and drug discovery. Promising targets are moved towards the clinic through the successful licence of these projects to industrial partners with the ultimate aim of bringing benefit to patients.

Scope of projects

Projects focused on novel molecular targets in neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, tauopathies, vascular dementia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, frontotemporal dementia, Huntingdon's disease.

Evidence linking the target to human disease and a strong rationale for target modulation having a therapeutic effect.

Collaborators with strong biology expertise and access to enabling assays, reagents and disease models. The following projects are not in scope for funding:

Projects focused on well-studied targets and pathways for neurodegenerative diseases.

Projects with advanced chemistry e.g. lead/candidate molecules already synthesised and requiring only in vivo PK studies, preclinical proof-of-concept studies or IND-enabling studies.

Repurposing of existing drugs, although we will consider optimisation of tool / literature compounds to improve selectivity, potency, bioavailability, etc.

Non-pharmacological interventions e.g. behavioural changes.

Previous experience in drug discovery is not required, nor do you need to have any in-house capability for carrying out drug development. The Consortium is able to provide all of the assay development, screening and medicinal chemistry resources required to develop novel compounds or antibodies against the target


Typically 2-3 years.


Lead applicant should have contract which will cover their salary for at least the duration of the grant

Principal Investigators as co-applicants should have a tenured position


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